What to Expect

The Comedy

If you have never been to Good Times or a comedy show before, you are in a for real treat. Nothing beats the infectious laughter that comes from live comedy. That said, we still need to add in some disclaimers:

The big one on the list is that comedy in general is not very "clean". This is because, well, comedians are not clean people. The Jim Gaffigans of the world that can make anything funny are a rare breed. Many of our comics will "live at the edge" when it comes to politics, sex, and other controversial topics. This is especially true on our Open Mic nights as those topics tend to be low-hanging fruit for beginners. If you are not accustomed to this type of "un-PC" environment, this may come as quite the shock. There will be jokes that seem racist, sexist, ageist, left-wing, or right-wing. We say "seem" because it depends on the individual. All we ask for our customers is that they have an open mind so that they can enjoy the characters these comics are portraying. 

All shows come with a default rated R rating. If they are clean (PG) or super dirty (XXX), we will mention that beforehand. 

18 +


The Etiquette

If you've never been to a comedy show, you may not know how to act (understandably). 

These are the cardinal sins, aka what not to do as a customer:

1. Film

2. Leaving your phone ringer on

3. Talk over the comedian

Commit them at your own peril. Everyone that has so far has perished in a fiery blaze.

To add to the list, if you are going to be on your phone texting a lot or maybe you had a little too much to drink (it happens), make sure you are hiding in the shadows. For your own safety. 


The Pricing

Most Saturday shows - our Big Comedians - are $10 online, $15 at door. 

Up and Comer Showcases: $10 

Roasts: $20 

Special Events: up to $25

We encourage everyone to purchase tickets ahead of time as it makes it easier on both ends. Because we realize there isn't too much in the way of financial savings (only a couple dollars), we want all our customers to know that if for whatever reason you cannot make it to a show, just let us know ahead of time and we will honor it on a future date. Win-win.

You can purchase tickets online at our schedule page or, if you want to skip the Eventbrite fees altogether, you can purchase them in person at the club. 

For our Open Mic on Thursdays, there is no cover charge. In fact, you can actually win tickets by attending. Win-win-WINNNNNN.


The Building

We are in a basement downtown at 314 7th Street South.

There are two sets of stairs you have to use to enter our club and unfortunately, we do not have wheel-chair access at this time. We have 3 gender-neutral bathrooms, a seating capacity of around 100, and decor that has reminded many of our customers of a speak-easy


The Food and Drinks

We have a separate page where you can view our full menu here. If a specific beverage is not listed and it's something that you cannot "comedy" without, please let us know.  We are currently working on acquiring more fridge space to satisfy all your needs.  

As far as food goes, we have popcorn, and pizza (provided by StoneFire Pizza Company) is on it's way. If neither of those do it for you, we recommend eating something beforehand. The average show is 90 minutes long.


The Feedback

As a young, community-focused business we are always open to feedback and improving on areas when it makes sense.

You can share your experience here.