Upcoming Shows

6/14 Roast of Mike Dambra


You have seen Mr. Dambra insult your friends, your family, YOU!!! Now it's time the tables are turned. Join us as Lethbridge's top comics all have their turn at roasting the King of Roasts. After each comic gets their shots in, Dambra will have a chance at redemption.


6/15 - Mike Dambra


Mike Dambra is coming back into town with a vengeance. If you have seen Dambra before, you know his show is incredible. This time we are taking off the chains to bring you an uncensored show. A night after being roasted Mike is going to have some non-stop killer jokes in his arsenal.  

6/21 - Marc Sinagoga


Marc-Anthony Sinagoga is a young stand-up comedian, born and raised in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Audiences gather to see Marc-Anthony tell his outlandish life experiences with brilliant imitation, wit and loveable stage presence. He recreates his life experiences as an overweight Italian going against the family grain in a melting pot society.

6/22 - Adam Blank


"I have asthma, allergies, a lazy eye, and my last name is 'Blank'. People have been laughing at me since I was a kid, whether I liked it or not. I figured I might as well get in on the joke." ​

6/28 - Tim Nutt


Tim Nutt is a comic who can’t be judged by his cover. Long-haired, bearded and “rough around the edges”, audiences expect Nutt’s material to match. But he surprises with razored-down punch lines and well conjured-up premises that place him as one of the top comics working today.

6/29 - Stu Hughes Uncensored


Stu Hughes attempts to push the comedic envelope a little further every time he steps onto a stage.  In his disarming, spontaneous and casual manner, Stu boldly goes, and dares you to take the leap with him, during his reality-hurts-so-you-gotta-laugh style.

Future Headliners


7/6 - Efhtimios Nasiopoulos

7/12 - Roast of Cora Lee

7/13 - Andrew Frank

7/20 - Andrew Packer

7/27 - Chris Gordon


8/3 - Sully KP

8/10 - Kelly Kreye

8/16 - Roast of Nick Kuhl

8/17 - Ainsley McPhail

8/24 - Malik Elassal / Amber-Harper Young


9/7 - Mark Debonis

9/14 - Mark McCue

9/21 - Peter Sers