2019 Platinum Membership

If you love comedy and you love having Good Times, then why not save some money doing it?

The perks of membership:

  • Free access to all Saturday shows (plus some Friday ones) for the rest of the 2019 Comedy Season. That's over 30 shows total!
  • No more having to commit. Just show up, flash the card, and you're in. Going Platinum has its benefits!
  • Bring whoever you want! With the Platinum membership, you're allowed 1 free guest per show. A great way to reconnect with old friends and colleagues? We think so.
  • Big time discounts off special presentations during the week (like magic shows) as well as next year's membership. At Good Times, loyalty gets rewarded!

  • More perks on the way! Although we are still thinking them up as we go, you can be rest assured that we are going to try our best to guarantee Good Times every time.

We've done the math and if you are someone who likes a night of Comedy once every 2 months or so, you'll save money (and time) with this card.

You'll also have the feel good satisfaction knowing you're supporting the local comedy scene and helping Good Times grow into our second year.

Memberships can be purchased at the club or online (here) for the special introductory price of $75.00. If purchased online, simply pick up your Platinum Card at your next show.

The Fine Print

- Some shows will undoubtedly sell out. If a show gets over a certain % sold out online, we will contact all our Platinum users ahead of time to allow them to book their free seats if they wish to.

- The Platinum Card is good for all Saturday Shows as well as some Headliners we've booked on Friday. Not valid for Roasts and other Special Presentations, although a significant discount will be applied.

- Memberships cannot be shared. In most circumstances, the card user must be present to allow for a free guest and other Platinum benefits.